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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pengzhan Li Zeng, 26 books
Lisha Fang Ren, 26 books
Meihui Lin, 25 books
Lisa Yam, 17 books
Yinhuan Li, 17 books
Shulian Lin, 17 books
Jieyi Cai, 17 books
Anqi Cheng, 16 books
Shuying Liang, 14 books
Yanji Zheng, 12 books
Wanli Cai, 12 books
Lizhu Feng, 11 books
Jinwan Chen, 11 books
Ken Hom, 10 books
Qingcha Lin, 10 books
Yueying Guo, 10 books
Martin Yan, 9 books
Ming Quan Peng, 9 books
Dequan Li, 9 books
Meixian Li, 9 books
Xinlei Lin, 9 books
Aiqing Lian, 9 books
Huailing Huang, 9 books
Sumei Zeng, 9 books
Qiuxiang Lin, 9 books


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