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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mingquan Peng, 23 books
Mary Jane Finsand, 17 books
Nan Li, 15 books
Elaine Magee, 13 books
Michio Kushi, 12 books
Bernard Jensen, 10 books
William G. Crook, 10 books
Maureen Keane, 9 books
JoAnna M. Lund, 9 books
Zhiyi Guan, 9 books
Chenghan Li, 9 books
Rob Thompson, 8 books
American Diabetes Association., 8 books
Ming Quan Peng, 8 books
Carlton Fredericks, 8 books
Arnold Ehret, 7 books
Rasmus Larssen Alsaker, 7 books
Hope S. Warshaw, 7 books
Betty Crocker, 7 books
Carroll A. Lutz, 7 books
Phyllis A. Balch, 7 books
Zhaohuan Li, 7 books
June Roth, 6 books
Jorge Sintes Pros, 6 books
John Henry Tilden, 6 books


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