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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hippocrates, 34 books
Galen, 17 books
Charles Lichtenthaeler, 10 books
Jacques Dubois, 9 books
Hermann Diels, 5 books
Karl Deichgräber, 5 books
Jacques Jouanna, 5 books
Anne-Charles Lorry, 5 books
Galen, 5 books
Max Pohlenz, 4 books
Herman Boerhaave, 4 books
Gilles Maloney, 4 books
Ludwig Edelstein, 3 books
Giovanni Battista da Monte, 3 books
W. H. S. Jones, 3 books
Hans Diller, 3 books
Stephanus of Athens., 3 books
Glass, Thomas, 3 books
Ugo Benzi, 3 books
Johannes de Gorter, 3 books
Bartolomeo Castelli, 3 books
Christian Gottfried Gruner, 3 books
John Barker, 3 books
Apollonius of Citium, 3 books
Thomas Glass, 3 books


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