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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Henry George Liddell, 21 books
Georg Curtius, 17 books
William Watson Goodwin, 16 books
Philipp Karl Buttmann, 16 books
Hermann Diels, 14 books
Benjamin Hederich, 14 books
Raphael Kühner, 13 books
Arnold, Thomas Kerchever, 12 books
Cornelis Schrevel, 12 books
E. A. Sophocles, 12 books
Johann Scapula, 11 books
Gottfried Hermann, 11 books
Henri II Estienne, 11 books
Pierre Chantraine, 11 books
Antoine Meillet, 10 books
Andrew Dalzel, 10 books
Nicolas Clénard, 10 books
François Viger, 10 books
Dionysius Thrax, 10 books
Arthur Sidgwick, 9 books
William Neilson, 9 books
Pindar, 9 books
Antonín Bartoněk, 9 books
Posselius, Johannes, 9 books
William Camden, 8 books


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