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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edward Gibbon, 35 books
Charles Diehl, 30 books
Georgije Ostrogorski, 21 books
George Finlay, 16 books
Nicetas Choniates, 16 books
Sir Steven Runciman, 15 books
A. P. Kazhdan, 15 books
Franz Dölger, 14 books
Procopius, 13 books
Donald MacGillivray Nicol, 13 books
J. B. (John Bagnell) Bury, 12 books
Herbert Hunger, 12 books
Dimitri Obolensky, 12 books
Michael Psellus, 11 books
Gustave Léon Schlumberger, 11 books
G. G. Litavrin, 11 books
John F. Haldon, 10 books
Alexēs G. K. Savvidēs, 10 books
Alain Ducellier, 10 books
Anna Comnena, 10 books
Deno John Geanakoplos, 10 books
Giorgio Ravegnani, 9 books
Nikephoros Gregoras, 9 books
Paul Lemerle, 9 books
Agathias, 9 books


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