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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anthony Kaldellis, 13 books
J. B. Bury, 9 books
Angeliki E. Laiou, 9 books
Edward Gibbon, 9 books
John Haldon, 8 books
Averil Cameron, 8 books
John F. Haldon, 7 books
Donald MacGillivray Nicol, 7 books
Michael Angold, 6 books
Procopius, 5 books
Walter Emil Kaegi, 5 books
Judith Herrin, 5 books
Peter Sarris, 4 books
Warren Treadgold, 4 books
Kurt Aland, 4 books
David Womersley, 3 books
Elizabeth Jeffreys, 3 books
George T. Dennis, 3 books
Lynda Garland, 3 books
David Nicolle, 3 books
Michael Grant, 3 books
Walter E. Kaegi, 3 books
Alice-Mary Talbot, 3 books
Paul Stephenson, 3 books
Warren T. Treadgold, 3 books


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