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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Turkey., 316 books
Ahmet Refik, 59 books
Mustafa Naima, 42 books
Uğur Mumcu, 40 books
Abdullah Öcalan, 34 books
Cüneyt Arcayürek, 33 books
İsmail Hakkı Uzunçarşılı, 32 books
Kemal Atatürk, 32 books
Cemal Kutay, 24 books
Metin And, 23 books
Orhan Pamuk, 23 books
Emre Kongar, 23 books
A. Süheyl Ünver, 22 books
Mahmut Makal, 21 books
United States, 21 books
Suraiya Faroqhi, 21 books
Devlet İstatistik Enstitüsü (Turkey), 21 books
Kemal Öke, 20 books
Halil İnalcık, 20 books
A. Afetinan, 20 books
Yusuf Sarınay, 20 books
Rand McNally, 19 books
Süleyman Demirel, 19 books
Yalçın Küçük, 19 books
Kemal Atatürk, 19 books


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