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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jaime Villanueva, 44 books
Nikolaĭ Berdi͡aev, 41 books
Jacob Burckhardt, 37 books
Freyre, Gilberto, 36 books
Time-Life Books, 36 books
Arnold Joseph Toynbee, 34 books
Kyŏng-hyo Kang, 34 books
Daniel J. Boorstin, 32 books
J.-J Barthélemy, 31 books
Sigmund Freud, 30 books
Erich Fromm, 30 books
Leopoldo Zea, 30 books
Yuezhu Xu, 28 books
Joseph Needham, 27 books
Don Nardo, 27 books
Philip Steele, 26 books
Mortimer Chambers, 25 books
Pedro Henríquez Ureña, 25 books
Lippert, Julius, 24 books
Johannes Janssen, 24 books
Will Durant, 23 books
Johan Huizinga, 23 books
José Ortega y Gasset, 23 books
Oswald Spengler, 23 books
John Malam, 22 books


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