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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martin Luther, 96 books
Henry Smith, 49 books
Jean Calvin, 34 books
Hugh Latimer, 28 books
Pietro Aretino, 27 books
Philipp Melanchthon, 24 books
Johannes Janssen, 24 books
D. M. Loades, 23 books
Teresa of Avila, 22 books
Desiderius Erasmus, 20 books
John of the Cross, 16 books
Ulrich Zwingli, 15 books
Samgwi Munhwasa, 15 books
A. L. Rowse, 14 books
Patrick Collinson, 14 books
Alison Plowden, 14 books
William Perkins, 14 books
Public Record Office, 14 books
Thomas Cranmer, 13 books
Richard Hooker, 13 books
Cora Harrison, 13 books
Derek Wilson, 13 books
Thomas Becon, 12 books
Yvonne Bellenger, 12 books
Fisher, John Saint, 12 books


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