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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
D. M. Loades, 16 books
John Stow, 14 books
Sir Julian Stafford Corbett, 12 books
James Anthony Froude, 9 books
Geoffrey Rudolph Elton, 9 books
Richard Grafton, 8 books
Alison Weir, 8 books
Public Record Office, 8 books
A. L. Rowse, 7 books
Alison Weir, 7 books
Robert Fabyan, 7 books
Raphael Holinshed, 7 books
A. F. Pollard, 6 books
Roger Lockyer, 6 books
Philippa Gregory, 6 books
Alison Plowden, 6 books
James Williamson, 6 books
Arthur D. Innes, 6 books
John Hardyng, 5 books
James Gairdner, 5 books
Conyers Read, 5 books
Jane Shuter, 5 books
J. D. Mackie, 5 books
Barbara Kyle, 5 books
Terry Deary, 5 books