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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Camden, 16 books
Thomas Heywood, 15 books
Fiona Buckley, 14 books
Alison Plowden, 14 books
Karen Harper, 13 books
Milton Waldman, 10 books
Neale, J. E. Sir, 10 books
Queen Elizabeth I, 9 books
Conyers Read, 8 books
Margaret Irwin, 8 books
Neville Williams, 8 books
Agnes Strickland, 7 books
Alison Weir, 7 books
Peg Herring, 7 books
Martin Andrew Sharp Hume, 6 books
Hilaire Belloc, 6 books
Victoria Holt, 6 books
Neale, John Ernest Sir, 5 books
Naunton, Robert Sir, 5 books
Mary Hooper, 5 books
Sitwell, Edith Dame, 5 books
Tasha Alexander, 4 books
Clifton W. Potter, 4 books
Joel Hurstfield, 4 books
Francis Bacon, 4 books


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