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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Philip McCutchan, 58 books
Edward Marston, 58 books
Philippa Gregory, 53 books
P. C. Doherty, 52 books
Victoria Holt, 52 books
Patrick O'Brian, 50 books
Dudley Pope, 45 books
Dewey Lambdin, 44 books
Douglas Reeman, 42 books
Sir Walter Scott, 42 books
Bernard Cornwell, 41 books
Richard Woodman, 38 books
Stephanie Laurens, 36 books
Simon Scarrow, 32 books
John le Carré, 31 books
Gardner, John, 31 books
Julian Stockwin, 30 books
Charlotte Mary Yonge, 28 books
Alison Weir, 26 books
Georgette Heyer, 26 books
Elizabeth Chadwick, 26 books
Adam Hall, 25 books
Bill James, 24 books
Frederick Marryat, 24 books
Len Deighton, 24 books


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