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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Queen Elizabeth I, 97 books
Fiona Buckley, 21 books
Edward Marston, 16 books
William Camden, 15 books
Privy Council, 14 books
G. B. Harrison, 14 books
Alison Plowden, 13 books
Simon R. Neal, 12 books
Kathy Lynn Emerson, 11 books
England and Wales, 11 books
Charles Kingsley, 11 books
Leonard D. Tourney, 10 books
Terry Deary, 9 books
Christine Leighton, 8 books
Karen Harper, 8 books
Patricia Finney, 8 books
Public Record Office, 8 books
J. E. Neale, 7 books
A. L. Rowse, 7 books
Grace Cavendish, 7 books
M. J. Trow, 7 books
Burghley, William Cecil Baron, 6 books
Parsons, Robert, 6 books
Victoria Holt, 6 books
Simon Hawke, 6 books


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