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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Goldwin Smith, 7 books
Kalm, Pehr, 4 books
Anne Perry, 4 books
Samuel Curwen, 3 books
Alfred Brown, 3 books
Henry Charles Carey, 2 books
Keith Beaumont, 2 books
Gillian Chan, 2 books
Marilyn Shaw-Guisset, 2 books
Stephen R. Bown, 2 books
F.-X Garneau, 2 books
Jean Esch, 2 books
Voltaire, 2 books
Charles Darwin, 2 books
E. M. Morphy, 2 books
Richard, 2 books
Thomas Mortimer, 2 books
J. R. Brink, 1 book
W. G. Hoskins, 1 book
C. L. Barber, 1 book
Julia Baird, 1 book
Herbert Spencer, 1 book
Robert Graves, 1 book
Richard Carpenter, 1 book
Eden Phillpotts, 1 book


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