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Status of Current Issues

  • Amazon has changed their Send to Kindle function so users will no longer be able to get Classic books on their Kindles. Contact us for workarounds.
  • We changed some of the waitlist functions a bit and some users are reporting not moving up on waitlists as they should. We are looking into this error and will update when we've sorted it.

FAQ Categories

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions. We try to keep them up to date. Here are direct links to the main FAQ categories.

Learn About Open Library

Learn About DAISY/Print Disabled Books on Open Library

How to Read Books on Open Library

How to Borrow Books Through Open Library

How to Edit Open Library

About Using Open Library Data

Troubleshooting Common Problems

Video Tutorials on Accessing eBooks on Open Library

You can follow our five step video tutorial to learn about reading and borrowing books on Open Library:

Step 1: Getting StartedStep 2: Searching Open LibraryStep 3: Reading Ebooks OnlineStep 4: Borrowing Modern EbooksStep 5: Reading Classic ebooks

Some quick facts about Open Library you might not know:

  • You are welcome to edit/correct any errors or omissions you see on Open Library - it's an open, editable wiki. Look for the EDIT button.
  • We serve a catalog of over 23 million books, but don't hold any books ourselves.
  • Our team isn't able to help you buy or sell books, contact authors or publishers, or research titles you find on Open Library.

Contact Us

There are a few different ways to keep in touch with us:

  1. Interact with us on Twitter
  2. Join one of our mailing lists: General discussion (archives), Librarianship, Tech (archives)
  3. Contact us using the Contact Form or click the Problem flag which is in the footer of every page.

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