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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
P. L. Jacob, 27 books
Paul Maurice Clogan, 24 books
Jacob Burckhardt, 23 books
Paul Oskar Kristeller, 22 books
Eugenio Garin, 21 books
Walter Pater, 15 books
J. R. Hale, 15 books
August Buck, 12 books
Wallace Klippert Ferguson, 11 books
John Addington Symonds, 11 books
André Chastel, 11 books
Paul F. Grendler, 9 books
Hay, Denys., 8 books
Ferdinand Schevill, 8 books
Gene A. Brucker, 8 books
Douglas Bush, 7 books
Roberto Weiss, 7 books
Arthur F. Kinney, 7 books
Peter Burke, 7 books
Elizabeth Eyre, 7 books
Arthur Augustus Tilley, 6 books
Michael Hattaway, 6 books
Hardin Craig, 6 books
Geoffroy Atkinson, 6 books
Batiffol, Louis, 6 books


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