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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 314 books
Allardyce Nicoll, 29 books
James Agate, 27 books
Farmer, John Stephen, 27 books
Frederick S. Boas, 25 books
Bernard Shaw, 22 books
John Dryden, 17 books
John Hampden, 17 books
Felix Emmanuel Schelling, 16 books
Michael R. Booth, 15 books
Robert Goode Hogan, 14 books
Harold Pinter, 14 books
Gassner, John, 13 books
Oscar Wilde, 13 books
Langbaine, Gerard the younger, 13 books
A. C. Cawley, 12 books
Bennett Cerf, 12 books
Clifford Davidson, 12 books
Christopher Marlowe, 11 books
Tom Stoppard, 11 books
Alfred W. Pollard, 11 books
Hardin Craig, 10 books
John Clyde Loftis, 10 books
David Erskine Baker, 10 books
John Russell Brown, 10 books


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