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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Harold Bloom, 7 books
Michel Prum, 6 books
David Punter, 6 books
Margaret Drabble, 5 books
Jennifer Phegley, 4 books
Darrell Schweitzer, 4 books
North, Michael, 4 books
Brian Stableford, 4 books
Hildegard L. C. Tristram, 4 books
Lee Horsley, 4 books
Barbara Cohen, 4 books
Berg Collection., 3 books
Pauline Dewan, 3 books
Pilar Abad, 3 books
J. Scott Clark, 3 books
William H. Pritchard, 3 books
Helen Hennessy Vendler, 3 books
Sir Paul Harvey, 3 books
Lorna Sage, 3 books
Rowley, J. E., 3 books
Gina Wisker, 3 books
Alethea Helbig, 3 books
Donoghue, Denis., 3 books
Kevin J. H. Dettmar, 3 books
Beverly Lyon Clark, 3 books


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