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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John A. Simpson, 14 books
n/a, 6 books
Heinz Messinger, 3 books
Merriam-Webster, 3 books
Helmut Willmann, 3 books
Robert Kleinschroth, 3 books
Peter H. Collin, 3 books
William Safire, 3 books
Sonia Brough, 2 books
Richard A. Levine, 2 books
William E. Fredeman, 2 books
John Seely, 2 books
Collins, 2 books
Veronika Schnorr, 2 books
Collins Publishers, 2 books
Evelyn Agbaria, 2 books
Alison Lurie, 2 books
Harald Raykowski, 2 books
Rene Bosewitz, 2 books
David Crystal, 2 books
Diana Adams, 2 books
Ira Bruce Nadel, 2 books
Roger Fowler, 2 books
Marion Wynne-Davies, 2 books
Rupert Livesey, 2 books