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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lindley Murray, 21 books
Merriam-Webster, 15 books
Eusebius of Caesarea, 13 books
John McInnes, 13 books
Peter Mark Roget, 12 books
Terry Barber, 12 books
Jaap Tuinman, 11 books
Linda Kita-Bradley, 11 books
Leo Jones, 9 books
Michel Marcheteau, 8 books
William Lennie, 8 books
Rob Waring, 8 books
Christine McClymont, 8 books
David Booth, 8 books
Noah Webster, 8 books
Lynne Gaetz, 7 books
Sarah Norton, 7 books
H. I. Strang, 7 books
David W. Booth, 7 books
David Crystal, 7 books
Christian Brothers, 7 books
Randolph Quirk, 7 books
William Fordyce Mavor, 7 books
Eric Partridge, 6 books
J. M. D. Meiklejohn, 6 books


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