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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shixiong Lai, 30 books
Conrad J. Schmitt, 25 books
Daniel Nunn, 24 books
Tracy D. Terrell, 23 books
Robert James Dixson, 23 books
Steven J. Molinsky, 21 books
Elaine Kirn, 21 books
Milada Broukal, 20 books
Antoinette Gagné, 19 books
Joan M. Saslow, 18 books
Jane Wightwick, 18 books
Peter Milward, 18 books
Karen Lourie Blanchard, 17 books
Edward Swick, 16 books
Peter Viney, 16 books
Lin Lougheed, 16 books
José A. Blanco, 16 books
Pamela J. Sharpe, 15 books
Christopher Kendris, 15 books
Fabián A. Samaniego, 15 books
Berlitz Kids, 15 books
Jack C. Richards, 15 books
Ana C. Jarvis, 15 books
Clare West, 14 books
Jeannette D. Bragger, 14 books


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