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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shixiong Lai, 44 books
Leo Suryadinata, 36 books
Zhiyu Jiang, 27 books
Xiaochang Shi, 23 books
Tao-Chung Yao, 17 books
Yi Liu, 17 books
Jidi, 17 books
Elizabeth Scurfield, 17 books
Paul Yee, 16 books
Yamin Su, 16 books
Liu, Yuehua., 15 books
Jiancheng Yang, 14 books
Peter Chang, 13 books
Lianyi Song, 13 books
Alyce Mackerras, 13 books
Yaofei Zhang, 13 books
Leon Comber, 12 books
Liangyan Ge, 12 books
Yea-Fen Chen, 12 books
Yuhong Chen, 12 books
Qinshun Xie, 12 books
Guo li bian yi guan (China), 11 books
Wang, Gungwu., 11 books
Albert Sydney Hornby, 11 books
Xiaojun Wang, 11 books


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