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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Singapore., 31 books
Alex Josey, 15 books
Rand McNally, 14 books
Awther Singh, 13 books
Singapore. Dept. of Statistics, 12 books
Lee, Kuan Yew, 12 books
Peter S. J. Chen, 12 books
Saw, Swee-Hock, 12 books
Tan, Chwee Huat., 10 books
Goh, Sin Tub., 9 books
Kevin Tan, 9 books
Aline K. Wong, 8 books
Jeffrey Pinsler, 8 books
Wee, Mon-Cheng, 7 books
Linda Low, 7 books
U. Myint Soe, 6 books
Singapore. Dept. of Statistics., 6 books
Saravanan Gopinathan, 6 books
Seah, Chee Meow., 6 books
National Museum (Singapore), 6 books
Chan, Heng Chee., 5 books
S. Jayakumar, 5 books
Poh, Chu Chai., 5 books
Jon S. T. Quah, 5 books
Kala Anandarajah, 5 books


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