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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Leonard Marshall, 15 books
Hong Kong., 12 books
Hao Wu, 10 books
Yun, Hai., 9 books
G. B. Endacott, 9 books
Hong Kong. Census and Statistics Dept., 9 books
Vanessa Stott, 7 books
China., 7 books
Hongtai Zheng, 7 books
Peiran He, 7 books
Zhou, Yongxin, 6 books
Lo, Shiu Hing, 6 books
Hao Wu, 6 books
Zhong an zu Huang Sir., 6 books
Jules Verne, 5 books
Christine Loh, 5 books
Stefan Hammond, 5 books
Steve Yui-Sang Tsang, 5 books
Jiewei Ma, 5 books
Shouren Chen, 5 books
James Clavell, 5 books
Dong Er, 5 books
Michael Wilkinson, 5 books
Dennis S. Hill, 5 books
Ching Ching Yung, 5 books


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