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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chia-pi Chao, 25 books
Sihe Chen, 19 books
Pingyuan Chen, 12 books
Lin, Yutang, 12 books
Liu, Xie, 11 books
Zhou, Yang, 10 books
Zhang, Jian, 10 books
Gong, Pengcheng., 10 books
Leo Ou-fan Lee, 10 books
Kojiro Yoshikawa, 10 books
Yi Yang, 10 books
Liu, Zaifu, 9 books
Hu, Shi, 9 books
Zheng, Zhenduo, 9 books
Lu Xun, 9 books
Guangwei Cheng, 9 books
Aoki, Masaru, 8 books
Lao, She, 8 books
Yao Wang, 8 books
Rumin Wen, 8 books
Guoqiu Chen, 8 books
Kōjirō Yoshikawa, 8 books
Fangming Chen, 8 books
Liqun Qian, 8 books
Xiaoming Chen, 8 books


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