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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jiaming Yang, 3 books
Jianhua Du, 3 books
Chiao-ju Hu, 2 books
Zhiqiang Wu, 2 books
Mingquan Peng, 2 books
Wenhe Hu, 2 books
Fuqiang Nie, 2 books
Jiancheng Liu, 2 books
Yonghong Liu, 2 books
Guanglu Zheng, 2 books
Yifu Rui, 2 books
Wu Lai, 2 books
Shaocheng Zhang, 2 books
Xuefang Ou, 2 books
Jiaying Yi, 2 books
Chengjiao Li, 2 books
Lihua Lin, 2 books
Zihua Liu, 2 books
Yizhou Chen, 2 books
Kui Zhao, 2 books
Xingzhen Ling, 2 books
Lu, Rongsen., 1 book
Heinrich Friedrich Hackmann, 1 book
Charles Lewis Camp, 1 book
George D. Louderback, 1 book


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