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Bai Li (701-762)

56 works / 6 ebooks Search for books with subject Bai Li (701-762).

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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bai Li, 10 books
Tianwei Xue, 2 books
Arthur Waley, 2 books
Yuzheng Xie, 2 books
Guo, Moruo, 1 book
Zhou, Xunchu., 1 book
Ding, Yonghuai., 1 book
Tanaka, Katsumi, 1 book
Alexis Rotella, 1 book
Zu-yan Chen, 1 book
Dingzhang Wang, 1 book
Yaxin Zhang, 1 book
Yefeng Liu, 1 book
Jihua Men, 1 book
Guoying Wang, 1 book
Yiwen Tian, 1 book
Chʻang-nyong Yi, 1 book
Shiming Hua, 1 book
Tomohisa Matsuura, 1 book
Hideki Hanabusa, 1 book
Pyŏng-ju Yi, 1 book
Tingyu Ruan, 1 book
Zhen Kang, 1 book
Donghua Fu, 1 book
Chʻi An, 1 book


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