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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
n/a, 8 books
Heinz Messinger, 3 books
Helmut Willmann, 3 books
Peter H. Collin, 3 books
Sonia Brough, 2 books
Jonathan Kellerman, 2 books
Veronika Schnorr, 2 books
Evelyn Agbaria, 2 books
Wolfgang Krischke, 2 books
Werner Scholze-Stubenrecht, 2 books
Frans Beersmans, 2 books
Christiane Lemcke, 2 books
Volker Borbein, 2 books
Walther Killy, 2 books
Herbert Schreiber, 2 books
Susanne Günthner, 2 books
Gerhard Wahrig, 2 books
Rupert Livesey, 2 books
Ulrich Engel, 2 books
Leo Weisgerber, 2 books
Matjaž Birk, 2 books
Wolfgang Bergem, 2 books
Rainer Hünecke, 2 books
unknown, 2 books
Paul Grebe, 2 books


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