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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karl-Ernst Sommerfeldt, 33 books
Gerhard Köbler, 29 books
Jack Moeller, 28 books
Heinz Griesbach, 28 books
Peter Hagboldt, 26 books
Gisela Brandt, 26 books
Gerhard Helbig, 26 books
Hugo Moser, 24 books
C. R. Goedsche, 24 books
Daniel Sanders, 23 books
Werner Besch, 23 books
Paul Coggle, 23 books
Franz Ahn, 22 books
K g langenscheidt, 22 books
Henry Strutz, 22 books
Dudenredaktion (Bibliographisches Institut), 21 books
Louis De Vries, 20 books
Heinz Messinger, 20 books
Helmut Henne, 19 books
Albrecht Greule, 19 books
Friedrich Kluge, 19 books
Ernst Eichler, 19 books
M. Clark, 18 books
Gerhard Augst, 18 books
Konrad Duden, 17 books