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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Czech Republic., 71 books
Karel Schelle, 40 books
Czech Republic, 34 books
Klenovský, Jaroslav, 17 books
Václav Klaus, 14 books
Masaryk, T. G., 14 books
Národní galerie v Praze., 14 books
Zdeněk Kalista, 14 books
Joachim Barrande, 13 books
Václav Havel, 13 books
Jiří Hanuš, 12 books
Miroslav Ivanov, 11 books
Otakar Chaloupka, 11 books
Jaroslav Pánek, 11 books
Leoš Janáček, 11 books
Václav Klaus, 11 books
K. Absolon, 10 books
Rick Steves, 10 books
Ant Podlaha, 10 books
Petr Vorel, 9 books
Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum v Praze., 9 books
František Šmahel, 9 books
Národní galerie v Praze, 9 books
Jiří Svoboda, 9 books
Jaromír Tauchen, 9 books


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