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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
K. Absolon, 7 books
Jiří Říhovský, 7 books
Ivo Hlobil, 4 books
Prokop Paul, 3 books
T. Knoz, 3 books
František Bartoš, 3 books
Hugo Gold, 3 books
Antonín Truhlář, 3 books
Beda Franziskus Dudík, 3 books
Jiří Sehnal, 3 books
Jiří Hanuš, 3 books
Metoděj Zemek, 3 books
Jiří Svoboda, 3 books
Jaromír Kubíček, 3 books
Václav Frolec, 3 books
Josef Hejnic, 2 books
Josef Macůrek, 2 books
Elizabeth Wiskemann, 2 books
Richard Zimprich, 2 books
Josef Mühlberger, 2 books
Bertold Bretholz, 2 books
Josef Cibulka, 2 books
Jaroslav Tejral, 2 books
Ivan Peškař, 2 books
Karel Tihelka, 2 books


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