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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Manuel Alvar, 37 books
Fujiwara, Yoichi, 33 books
Rohlfs, Gerhard, 22 books
René Debrie, 19 books
Walt Wolfram, 19 books
Christian-Pierre Bedel, 18 books
Misao Tōjō, 15 books
Pierre Bonnaud, 15 books
Max Leopold Wagner, 14 books
Michele Melillo, 14 books
Gianna Marcato, 14 books
Walter W. Skeat, 13 books
Manlio Cortelazzo, 13 books
Toso, Fiorenzo, 13 books
Pavle Ivić, 12 books
René Debrie, 12 books
Otto Jastrow, 12 books
Juan M. Lope Blanch, 12 books
Yanagita, Kunio, 12 books
Asim Peco, 11 books
Peter Trudgill, 11 books
Fumio Inoue, 11 books
Iryda Grek-Pabisowa, 10 books
Eberhard Kranzmayer, 10 books
Janusz Rieger, 10 books


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