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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alexander John Ellis, 10 books
Antonio Quilis, 10 books
Zhou, Zumo., 8 books
Zdzisław Stieber, 8 books
Jakobson, Roman, 8 books
Goldsmith, John A., 7 books
Changpei Luo, 7 books
Xinxiong Chen, 7 books
Anderson, John M., 7 books
Philip Carr, 6 books
Li Wang, 6 books
Nikolai Sergeevich Trubetskoi, 6 books
Durand, Jacques, 6 books
Karlgren, Bernhard, 5 books
Song, Lian, 5 books
Wang, Li, 5 books
Edmund Gussmann, 5 books
Karlgren, Bernhard, 5 books
Moore, Samuel, 5 books
André Martinet, 5 books
Shen Yang, 5 books
Trubetskoǐ, Nikolaǐ Sergeevich, kniaz, 5 books
Zuofan Tang, 5 books
Leo Wetzels, 5 books
Kātyāyana, 5 books


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