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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ferdinand de Saussure, 21 books
Georges Mounin, 19 books
Noam Chomsky, 17 books
David Crystal, 16 books
Robins, R. H., 12 books
Jakobson, Roman, 12 books
Malmberg, Bertil, 11 books
Jeremy Harmer, 10 books
Brian Abbs, 9 books
Eugenio Coseriu, 9 books
Louis Hjelmslev, 9 books
Joaquim Mattoso Câmara, 8 books
Wayne Secord, 8 books
M. A. K. Halliday, 8 books
Ingrid Freebairn, 8 books
Elisabeth Wiig, 8 books
Lyons, John, 8 books
R. A. Budagov, 8 books
D'Arcy Adrian-Vallance, 7 books
Adrian Akmajian, 7 books
Martinet, André., 7 books
R. L. Trask, 7 books
André Martinet, 7 books
Gustave Guillaume, 7 books
Snježana Kordić, 7 books


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