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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Noam Chomsky, 6 books
Conrad Sabourin, 6 books
Conrad Sabourin, 6 books
Mario Pei, 5 books
Edward Sapir, 3 books
Robins, R. H., 3 books
Roman Jakobson, 3 books
Ronald Wardhaugh, 3 books
Ann K. Farmer, 3 books
Richard A. Demers, 3 books
David Crystal, 3 books
Lyons, John, 3 books
John Lyons, 3 books
Emmon W. Bach, 2 books
Christian Baylon, 2 books
Leonard Bloomfield, 2 books
Bertil Malmberg, 2 books
Chao, Yuen Ren, 2 books
Adrian Akmajian, 2 books
Maurice Leroy, 2 books
Edward Finegan, 2 books
Ferdinand de Saussure, 2 books
Thomas A. Sebeok, 2 books
Lionel Boisvert, 2 books
Claude Hagège, 2 books


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