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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mary Elizabeth Salzmann, 80 books
Noah Webster, 77 books
William Shakespeare, 67 books
Wendy Wren, 61 books
John Jackman, 57 books
Kelly Doudna, 56 books
Lindley Murray, 55 books
Eric Partridge, 53 books
Pam Scheunemann, 53 books
Brian Abbs, 47 books
Higden, Ranulf, 37 books
Anders Hanson, 37 books
Cecilia Minden, 36 books
David Mackay, 36 books
Brian P. Cleary, 35 books
Peter Viney, 34 books
Sergei Ivanovich Tomkeieff, 34 books
Pamela Schaub, 32 books
B. Thompson, 32 books
Sweet, Henry, 30 books
Peter Mark Roget, 29 books
Walter W. Skeat, 28 books
J. Love, 28 books
Ingrid Freebairn, 28 books
Catherine Allan, 28 books


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