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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Albert Dauzat, 59 books
G. Robert McConnell, 49 books
Jean Dubois, 45 books
Albert Valdman, 43 books
n/a, 41 books
Pierre Larousse, 39 books
Lucille Richard, 36 books
J. E. Mansion, 34 books
Guy de Maupassant, 34 books
Marcel Samuel Raphaël Cohen, 33 books
Christopher Kendris, 31 books
Alberta. Alberta Education. Language Services, 30 books
Ontario. Ministry of Education., 29 books
Guiraud, Pierre, 27 books
J. O. Kettridge, 27 books
Michael Janes, 26 books
Lyse Côté-Hébert, 26 books
René Debrie, 25 books
Abel Boyer, 25 books
W. H. Fraser, 24 books
Collectif, 24 books
François Noel, 24 books
Annie Heminway, 23 books
Gilbert A. Jarvis, 23 books
Arsène Darmesteter, 23 books


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