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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean Racine, 54 books
Stendhal, 8 books
Lucien Goldmann, 8 books
Thierry Maulnier, 7 books
Maurice Descotes, 6 books
Roland Barthes, 6 books
Raymond Picard, 6 books
Raymond Picard, 6 books
Jacques Schérer, 5 books
Schlegel, August Wilhelm von, 5 books
Moreau, Pierre, 5 books
Jean Rohou, 5 books
Peter France, 5 books
Jean Pommier, 4 books
Georges Mongrédien, 4 books
Eugène Vinaver, 4 books
Louis Racine, 4 books
Charles Joseph Marty-Laveaux, 4 books
Gérald Antoine, 4 books
Jacques Vier, 3 books
René Jasinski, 3 books
Vossler, Karl, 3 books
Jean Orcibal, 3 books
Mauron, Charles., 3 books
Martin Turnell, 3 books


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