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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 248 books
Friedrich Nietzsche, 19 books
Harold Bloom, 19 books
Emily Brontë, 19 books
Charlotte Brontë, 13 books
Anne Brontë, 11 books
Harley Granville-Barker, 10 books
Clifford Leech, 9 books
Thomas Rymer, 9 books
George Steiner, 8 books
Seneca the Younger, 8 books
F. L. Lucas, 7 books
Willard Farnham, 7 books
Allardyce Nicoll, 7 books
Rebecca W. Bushnell, 6 books
Gianvincenzo Gravina, 6 books
Simon Goldhill, 6 books
Peter Szondi, 6 books
Harold Bloom, 6 books
Sophocles, 5 books
Gilbert Murray, 5 books
Campbell, Lily Bess, 5 books
Euripides, 5 books
John Russell Brown, 5 books
Charles Segal, 5 books


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