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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 39 books
Nellie McCaslin, 18 books
Catherine Gourley, 11 books
L. E. McCullough, 7 books
Cass Foster, 6 books
Pat Jordan, 6 books
Barbara Winther, 5 books
Leon Garfield, 5 books
Joanne Suter, 5 books
Kaye Umansky, 5 books
Diana Stewart, 4 books
Marjorie Thayer, 4 books
William Glennon, 4 books
Dennis Foon, 4 books
Aurand Harris, 4 books
June Behrens, 4 books
Steven James, 3 books
Diana R. Jenkins, 3 books
F. Isabel Campoy, 3 books
Carole Charles, 3 books
Keith Suranna, 3 books
William Hezlep, 3 books
Alma Flor Ada, 3 books
Williams, Guy R., 3 books
Carol Hegarty, 3 books


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