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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William Shakespeare, 315 books
Thomas Riggs, 20 books
Philip H. Highfill, 12 books
Edward A. Langhans, 11 books
Kalman A. Burnim, 11 books
Moriya, Takeshi, 10 books
Jeremy Bertrand Finch, 10 books
Yoshiki Nakamura, 10 books
Marsha Porter, 10 books
Mick Martin, 10 books
Clorinda Catalano, 9 books
Masakatsu Gunji, 9 books
Paull Finch Chitlik, 9 books
Paul Duncan, 8 books
Erika Fischer-Lichte, 8 books
Mike Kaplan, 8 books
David Bordwell, 8 books
Susan Abramovitch, 8 books
Jack W. Plunkett, 7 books
Suwa, Haruo, 7 books
Robert Ross, 7 books
Nikki Stafford, 7 books
David Drozen, 7 books
Richard Lamparski, 6 books
Edwin Wilson, 6 books


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