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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Sergei Eisenstein, 46 books
Tadao Satō, 38 books
Gian Piero Brunetta, 31 books
Georges Sadoul, 30 books
Roger Ebert, 30 books
Manvell, Roger, 25 books
Anthony Slide, 23 books
Halliwell, Leslie., 23 books
Peter Cowie, 23 books
Leonard Maltin, 22 books
Pauline Kael, 21 books
Agâh Özgüç, 20 books
Yomota, Inuhiko, 19 books
Guido Aristarco, 19 books
David Bordwell, 19 books
Henri Agel, 18 books
José María Caparrós Lera, 18 books
Béla Balázs, 18 books
J. Aumont, 18 books
Mario Verdone, 18 books
Jan Trzynadlowski, 17 books
Hasumi, Shigehiko, 17 books
Thomas Elsaesser, 17 books
Mick Martin, 17 books
Roy Armes, 17 books


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