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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Timothy Corrigan, 8 books
R. Barton Palmer, 7 books
Murray Pomerance, 7 books
Warren Buckland, 6 books
David Bordwell, 5 books
Sean Redmond, 4 books
David Sterritt, 4 books
Wood, Robin, 4 books
Hill, John, 4 books
Robert Stam, 4 books
Tom Wallis, 4 books
Pamela Church Gibson, 4 books
Werner Faulstich, 4 books
Mark Kermode, 4 books
Scott MacDonald, 4 books
Terence McSweeney, 4 books
Jan Trzynadlowski, 3 books
Bruce Bennett, 3 books
Dennis W. Petrie, 3 books
Jon Lewis, 3 books
Kristin Thompson, 3 books
Irving Singer, 3 books
Joe Boggs, 3 books
Maria T. Pramaggiore, 3 books
Jack Hunter, 3 books


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