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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Monaco, James., 5 books
Steven H. Gale, 4 books
Francis X. Gillen, 4 books
Sarah Tieck, 3 books
Douglas Brode, 3 books
Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, 3 books
Laurent Bouzereau, 3 books
Walsh, Richard G., 3 books
David Bordwell, 3 books
Sanjit Narwekar, 3 books
Phil Powrie, 3 books
Bolesław Michałek, 2 books
Jack G. Shaheen, 2 books
Peter C. Rollins, 2 books
Rick Goldschmidt, 2 books
Stanley Kauffmann, 2 books
John R. May, 2 books
Stanley Cavell, 2 books
Kenneth S. Rothwell, 2 books
Ian Jack, 2 books
Richard Crouse, 2 books
Herbert R. Coursen, 2 books
Lester D. Friedman, 2 books
Heiko R. Blum, 2 books
Stephen Teo, 2 books


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