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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Walter Brueggemann, 26 books
Jacob Neusner, 22 books
Stanley E. Porter, 19 books
Athalya Brenner, 18 books
Craig A. Evans, 17 books
James H. Charlesworth, 14 books
Hans Walter Wolff, 14 books
Bruce Chilton, 13 books
Joel B. Green, 13 books
David J. A. Clines, 13 books
Steven L. McKenzie, 13 books
Claus Westermann, 12 books
Ben Witherington, 12 books
Richard Bauckham, 12 books
David Noel Freedman, 11 books
Moule, C. F. D., 10 books
John William Wevers, 10 books
Andrew Mein, 10 books
Steve Moyise, 10 books
Fitzmyer, Joseph A., 10 books
Barton, John, 10 books
C. M. Tuckett, 9 books
Tom Thatcher, 9 books
Richard A. Horsley, 9 books
Bruce J. Malina, 9 books