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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Origen, 8 books
Pierre-Auguste-Théophile Dehaut, 5 books
James Carmichael, 4 books
Henry Esson, 4 books
Abner Dean, 4 books
Bruce, F. F., 3 books
Karl barth, 3 books
Charles M. Laymon, 3 books
Jacques Guillet, 3 books
R. A. Cole, 2 books
Jean Steinmann, 2 books
Helmer Ringgren, 2 books
Artur Weiser, 2 books
Schweizer, Eduard, 2 books
William L. Barclay, 2 books
G. T. Stokes, 2 books
Alfred Durand, 2 books
Thomas Aquinas, 2 books
Joseph Knabenbauer, 2 books
H. Cunliffe-Jones, 2 books
William Glen Moncrieff, 2 books
Joseph Blenkinsopp, 2 books
Jean Daniélou, 2 books
Othmar Keel, 2 books
Albert Valensin, 2 books


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