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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Desiderius Erasmus, 152 books
Jean Calvin, 117 books
Isaac Abravanel, 100 books
Elijah ben Solomon, 98 books
Rashi, 86 books
Sofer, Moses, 67 books
Martin Luther, 60 books
Obadiah Bertinoro, 58 books
Origen, 53 books
Menahem ben Solomon Meiri, 51 books
Augustine of Hippo, 51 books
John Chrysostom Saint, 47 books
Solomon ben Abraham Adret, 46 books
Nicoll, W. Robertson Sir, 46 books
Warren W. Wiersbe, 46 books
Jacob Neusner, 46 books
Moses Maimonides, 44 books
Asher ben Jehiel, 41 books
Naḥmanides, 39 books
Emanuel Swedenborg, 34 books
H. A. Ironside, 34 books
Ḥayyim Palache, 33 books
Alexander Maclaren, 33 books
Abraham ben Meir Ibn Ezra, 33 books
John MacArthur, 32 books


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