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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kyu-tʻae Chŏn, 34 books
Kim, Ki-dong, 31 books
Emanuel Swedenborg, 10 books
Pyŏng-hŏn Chŏng, 8 books
John Franklin, 8 books
Simon Patrick, 8 books
Hye-sun Yi, 7 books
Kyŏng-ho Sim, 7 books
Hyo-hyŏn Chang, 7 books
An, Hwi-jun., 6 books
Chae-yŏng So, 6 books
Hŭi-byŏng Pak, 6 books
Yong-ju Chʻa, 5 books
Im, Ki-jung., 5 books
Kungnip Minsok Pangmulgwan (Korea), 5 books
Kap-ki Kim, 5 books
Yong-sik Pak, 5 books
Myŏng-dae Mun, 5 books
Yŏng-hun Sin, 5 books
Hŭi-ung Cho, 5 books
Chong-uk Im, 5 books
Chʻang-nyong Kim, 5 books
Kyu-bok Chŏng, 5 books
Hae-jin Sin, 5 books
Kim, Tong-uk, 4 books


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