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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kim, Il-sŏng, 235 books
Il-sŏng Kim, 92 books
Korea (North), 70 books
Chŏng-il Kim, 55 books
Yŏng-a Hwang, 32 books
Hyŏng-jung Pak, 26 books
Chʻang-sun Kim, 25 books
Hong-sik Ch'oe, 25 books
Il-sŏp Yi, 24 books
Yŏng-sŏn Chŏn, 23 books
Chae-jin Sŏ, 22 books
Korea (South). Tʻongirwŏn, 22 books
Korea (South). Kuktʻo Tʻongirwŏn, 20 books
Sang-bok Kim, 19 books
Oegungmun Chʻulpʻansa, 19 books
Kang-nyŏng Kim, 18 books
Pyŏng-no Kim, 18 books
Hyŏn-jun Chŏn, 18 books
Ch'un-sŏn Pak, 18 books
Pʻyŏngyang Chʻulpʻansa, 17 books
Chosŏn Nodongdang Ch'ulp'ansa, 17 books
Kim, Hak-chun, 17 books
Su-am Kim, 16 books
Chong-sŏk Yi, 16 books
Han-bŏm Cho, 16 books