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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tongbuga Yŏksa Chaedan (Korea), 17 books
Yi, Chong-uk, 14 books
Nae-hyŏn Yun, 14 books
Paek-kang Sim, 14 books
Hyŏng-sik Sin, 13 books
Iryŏn, 12 books
Ho-tʻae Chŏn, 12 books
To-hak Yi, 11 books
Pu-sik Kim, 11 books
Hak-pong Pang, 9 books
Hŭi-jin Yi, 9 books
Ku-bok Chŏng, 9 books
Kang, Mu-hak., 8 books
An, Ho-sang, 8 books
Pyŏng-guk Sŏ, 8 books
Chŏng-bae Kim, 8 books
Hyŏng-gu Yi, 7 books
An-sik Mun, 7 books
Chung-guk No, 7 books
Kungnip Chungang Pangmulgwan (Korea), 7 books
Purham Munhwasa (Korea), 7 books
Hong-sik Chʻoe, 7 books
Chʻoe, Mong-nyong, 6 books
Sŏng-su Pak, 6 books
In-gu Kang, 6 books


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